Disney has several restaurant types, but the most diverse park is EPCOT. They have a little section set out for several different countries. You could visit and learn the cultures of many countries. Some of the restaurants include Biergarden, a German restaurant, Chefs de France, a French restaurant, (as you might have guessed!), La Cantina de San Angel, and Liberty Inn, witch is American. Although Disney has several of the same restaurant menus, EPCOT is an exception. There are some other restaurants, but there are mostly the same drinks, sides, menus, and entree options. Go to to find all the menus and resturants.

Other Stuff

There are lots of other stuff to do at Disney World besides go to the parks.  Consider taking a rest day on your vacation.  There’s Disney Springs (Downtown Disney), Golfing, Swimming, Just touring your hotel could take up a whole day! Go to to find out more.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is what I would call the main park. Most people go there on their first day, but for me, that depends. If you arrive on a Monday-Thursday, go for it. If you arrive on a Friday-Sunday, I would hold off. Why? Because a lot of Flordia residents, (or any other person, for that matter), goes for just a weekend. They don’t want to randomly take their children out of school to go to a theme park that is an hour away. I mean a lot of parents take their kids out of school for vacations, right? So, of you live farther away try to avoid arriving on a weekend. I recommend going to Magic Kingdom 2-3 times during your vacation.Obviously, if you want to do other things and you don’t have time to go twice, don’t go twice! I am not telling you to do exactly what I do, because we might not want to do what you want to do. For example, I have never been to a Disney water park. Your family might love going to water parks, so maybe go to one 1 day. It is not that they aren’t good, it is just that we are not big on water parks. So, now let’s talk attractions.

We have a wide range of attractions to cover at MK. There are few ride and shows at the MK that I do not recommend. Well, it is not that I don’t like them, it is just that we have so much to cover that we do not typically do because of time. Like the Country Bear Jamboree. It is okay, but we would not plan that as part of our day. Or Mickey’s Philharmonic. We would not intend on going there before we left our hotel. If we were around that area and we had nothing to do, maybe we would go if the line was short. Country Bear Jamboree has hard benches that some peoples backs would not agree with. And we never have spare time if we are around “Pooh Ride” and Mine Train, so that is why we never go to Mickey Philharmonic. If you have any questions about ride suggestions, comment below.